Samir & Luba

A.Dh Atoll Dhangethi is a very small island home to less than 300 people. Shooting at such a beautiful island was very satisfying. We faced rough seas on our way from Male' to here and arrived by evening.

After getting a shut eye we woke up the next day with plans to head to a near by sandbank. It took a 5 minute jetski ride to get to the Sandbank with the couple following us on a catamaran. We had to take our equipment on the jetski and it was hard due to rough seas although the weather was fine.

This was a pretty difficult shoot. Almost all of the shots along with the drone shots were taken at sea. The photographer would be balancing himself on a jetski. One mis-step could result in our photographer in the sea with the equipment so it was scary.

At the end of the day it was a very fun photoshoot. The couple was very cooperative and so in love. We had a blast with them. We would like to specially thank the staff at Mala Boutique for their excellent service and Nadheem from Dhangethi Watersports.

Location: Alif Dhaal Atoll
Photographer: Nasru (Garu)