Hassan & View

To be frank, we still don't know what exactly to say about the three days' outdoor photo session we had with you out of Male' at Baa Atoll. Because, it was simply awesome!!!!

My husband agreed to go along with the photoshoot for my sake, but he became comfortable with the whole idea because of the effort you put to convince him that it will be ok. It was not ok. It was perfect.

Your choices of locations and how the pictures turned out was like a dream come true. We were so impressed to see your creativity and dedication to your work.
Not only your photography skills are to be praised, you are also very easy to work with as you are such a sweet and a friendly person.
No wonder, we ended up as great friends.

We personally think that you have got an amazing team working with you, because the photo book and editing was spotless.
The experience we had with you gave us immense pleasure and we would definitely recommend you to all our friends.

A huge thanks to our photographer Nasru and also his team.
Your photography gave us a lifetime of great memories. And with this, you became an important part of our first wedding anniversary celebrations. Thank you so much once again.


Location: Baa atoll Fulhadhoo