Naif & Thithi

Now this is what we call a perfect 'Bokeh wedding'. Everything lit up perfectly for the photos. Beautifully magical. This is the story of Naif and Thithi who had their wedding planned under a million synthetic stars.

Naif And Thihthi contacted us about 8 months prior to the wedding date and we began discussing about things that can be done at the party. The couple was the perfect example for the Juno’s swans and their thoughts were very much alike. Everything from the venue to the lanterns that were used for the embellishment were discussed.
As we were friends with the couple after taking an outdoor photo shoot before, everything was easy for us to carry on.
They chose our Wedding Mega Package which gave them a lot of advantages with two photographers covering the entire event. On their special day, from morning, as they readied themselves, even at the saloon, till their wedding reception was completely done, Naif and Thihthi could hear the clicks from our cameras.