Important Notice

The following is some important information regarding your photo session that you should read to ensure you make the most of your day. Delays may occur in photo sessions, however these will be kept to a minimum.


1. Arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment. Appointments will be void/canceled if the party arrives 15 minutes later than the schedule time.

2. If booked for a family/group session, please ensure the whole party comes on time together.

3. Your Studio photo sessions are booked for 30 minutes. if extra time is needed for your session, please meantion so during booking process.

4. Taking photos with mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the studio

5. Children must be supervised at all times during the sessions.

6. If the party desires to use their own props for kid’s special theme sessions, it can be arranged.

7. Cutting/eating the the cake in birthday photo sessions are strictly prohibited inside the studio.

8. Please bring an assistant for wedding sessions to assist in case.

9. Please mention if any text is required in a photo after selection of your photos to the receptionist.

10. Photo mention if any edit or special effect is required to be brought to your photos to the receptionist.

11. Make sure to collect the bill from the receptionist after paying for your sessions.

12. You are required to submit the bill to the reception to collect your photos.

13. If bill is lost, please keep in mind your personal information given while booking for your session to collect your photos.

14. Please ensure to call the studio to check if your photos are ready, before coming to collect your photos.